November 30, 2022


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Young American traveler Gabby Petito strangled

His demise caused great controversy in the United States. Her boyfriend, who has just returned from a trip he started with her, is still actively sought after.

Young traveler KP Petito, Missing in the United States caused great emotion, strangled to death and declared his death a homicide on Tuesday, October 12, by the forensic scientist who oversaw his autopsy.

The cause of death was strangulation and it was murderThe body of the 22-year-old was found Sept. 19, said Dr. Brent Blue of Teton County, Wyoming. He was killed three to four weeks before his body was found near Grand Dayton National Park, he said, without disclosing further details about the autopsy. Her ex-boyfriend, Brian Laundry, is being actively sought by authorities but could not be found. Qualified “Person interested in trial”He was charged with fraud using a bank card.


The couple went on a trip in a modified van from New York lasting four months in July and continued to share on the stunning settings of national parks in the western US, Instagram and YouTube. Photos and videos. But on Sept. 1, Brian returned home to Florida alone with the laundry van. On Sept. 11, Gabriel Petito’s family reported her missing, saying they had not heard from her since late August.

Following the lovers ’journey on social networks for several weeks, internet users tried to find the young woman and the media caught the story. A police-launched hunt including a Florida swamp and the intervention of a reality TV star Bounty Hunter Attractive American and foreign Internet users, Commenters who follow all stages of the investigation.

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The disappearance of young white women, in particular, was criticized as a hysteria “Relatively easy” And that “Related to Beauty Criteria” According to lawyer and criminologist Zack Somers, it is more covered by the media than by ethnic minorities. “Missing white woman syndrome”. About 50% of the articles he reads are about a white woman, and by his estimates, only about 30% of the missing are of this type. KP Petito, also looks young “Brittle”Similar to the idea of “Woman in Trouble” To whom “To be saved”, A film “Present in American Culture”, He estimated.