November 27, 2022


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Why was Christina Applegate barefoot at the Walk of Fame?

Why was Christina Applegate barefoot at the Walk of Fame?

Christina Applegate chose to rest at her Hollywood Walk of Fame celebration on Monday by going barefoot amid her battle with multiple sclerosis.

“For some people with MS, the feeling of shoes can hurt or make us feel off balance,” explained the “Dead to Me” star, 50. on Twitter Along with a picture of her bare feet posing on her new star.

“So I was today. Barefoot.”

Applegate was diagnosed with the debilitating disease in early 2021 and the first Opening up about it publicly In that August.

“It’s been a weird ride,” the “Sweetest Thing” star tweeted at the time. “But I’ve had a lot of support from people I know who also have this condition.”

Recently, Applegate spoke candidly about some of the struggles she faced working as an actress amid her struggles with multiple sclerosis.

The “Anchorman” star revealed to The New York Times earlier this month that she Gained 40 pounds He cannot walk without a cane.

“I will never accept this,” she admitted to the newspaper. “IM angry.”

Christina Applegate barefoot gets her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.
“Shoes can hurt us or make us feel out of balance,” Applegate said.
Christina Applegate / Twitter

Applegate also shared a separate interview with her Work can be done for good Because she doesn’t know how “capable” she is of other roles given her disorder.

“It had to be cold, because heat is our kryptonite,” the “Bad Moms” star told Variety of one obstacle she encounters while filming her Netflix show. “I can’t work those 18 hours a day, you know? It was impossible.”

She added, however, that she would like to “develop” and “produce” because she “has so many ideas on my mind, and I just need to implement them.”

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Christina Applegate showing off her nail polish that reads "FUMS."
Applegate wrote the letters “FUMS” on her nails at the ceremony.

At a party on Monday, Applegate He gave an honest speech When greeted by the Hollywood Walk of Fame star, she joked at one point, “Oh, by the way, I have a disease” as she thanked her daughter for being there for her.

“Didn’t you notice?” She said sarcastically. “I don’t even wear shoes. … Anyway, you’re supposed to laugh about that.”