October 4, 2022


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“Why can’t you escape from the Grand Reset, but how can you prepare for it!” Editorial by Charles Sanath

My dear Sassy, ​​dear Sasi,

We talk a lot about the Grand Reset, and at the same time imagine a lot about it. The Grand Reset is undoubtedly another name for the basic process of restructuring the world, especially our economic model dictated by the need for climate change.

We have entered a world where we have to manage to transform anything from scarcity, pollution and mass production and consumption of our economic model.

This other thing is misinterpreted, the world is staggering.

If we ask Creta, the future will be dark, sad, and depressing.

In the short term, we have to choose what we want to develop such as knowledge and knowledge, rational agriculture, permaculture, or science, techniques. The stage no longer brings happiness, because superfluous comfort has only a small use.

But we should not have an unfortunate decline in the long run! Quite the contrary.

We need to nurture our ambitions for the future we want towards a better, more humane, benevolent but adventurous, creative, innovative way.

Leave a planet in good condition for our children, but do not forget to leave the children in good condition for our planet so that they discover, think, and heal, so that they create a world of opportunities and success.

Man is not a stunted community of environmentalists who only see it as a problem that needs to be eliminated.

The Great Reset will happen, but we need to discuss the terms harshly.

On the one hand, the depressed man suffers from environmental anxiety, no longer moves, the rejectors, all lost, it is the end, the people who think we are all going to die.

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On the other hand, for those who think that humanity is better than that, we sometimes have the problem but often the solution.

Anything unavoidable and imaginable cannot be accepted and unquestionably unattainable.

The Grand Reset will take place because we have no other choice.

One day we will probably exploit the moon, undoubtedly catch asteroids that do not go very far, and then, because it is within us, man will always want more, we will try to go to Mars before we go if we are not turned off before this. In all of these subjects, teams work around the world. One day we will have B planets.

We will undoubtedly have to wait a long time before we cross the borders of our planet.

To this extent we need to take care of our common home and redefine our economic and production models.

They sell it to us and want to impose a dramatic view of us this fall. Happy sobriety with Pierre Rabbi. For some more, volunteer simplicity.

It’s okay.

We do not have to lock ourselves in, let alone lock ourselves into a deadly ecstasy of depression, depression and sadness against man.

We can always dream of an exciting world without denying the challenges we face and eventually we can meet it easily.

Reduce our consumption, make products more durable, buy less, and travel as rarely as we did before mass air transport (for example in the 1980s).

In short, we can act, but nothing forces us to do it with anti-depressant drugs on hand.

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Beyond these concepts, from an economic perspective, this environmental change, which includes new economic models, will wreak havoc on our daily lives and change our way of life. There is no guarantee that our friendly elite and other leaders will be able to lead this change. They will lose everything as they are often accustomed to.

For this reason it is good in my opinion to understand that this Grand Reset will be imposed on us whether we like it or not, but we can not do much, but we can and we should discuss. Terms, we can prepare for that too.

This is the whole point of the strategy file for the month of October, I may return to the various possible restructuring entitled “Why You Can’t Escape the Big Reset But How to Prepare Yourself”. Possible major trends are coming and a large number of scares are marked by this big reset. All information is here.

It’s already too late, but not all is lost.

Prepare yourself!

Charles Sanath

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