November 30, 2022


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What you get in a new McDonald’s Happy Meals inspired box for adults

I’ve even stopped McDonald’s As a complete adult. You never need a game with your meal, do you? Flirting. Of course you do.

The fast food chain will soon be selling packaged meals geared for adults, each with a cool, weird-looking figurine inside.

The meal has a strange name – the flea market box of the cactus plant – which is based on fashion brand In cooperation with McDonald’s in this promotion.

According to McDonald’s, the box is inspired by the memory of enjoying a Happy Meal as a kid. The exterior of the box is multicolored and features the familiar golden arches of the chain.

The first day you can pick up a flea market box of aloe vera will be Monday, October 3rd. Prices are set by individual restaurants and may vary, according to McDonald’s. It will be available in the car through, at the restaurant, by delivery or on the McDonald’s app, while supplies run out.

You can choose between a Big Mac or 10 pieces of Chicken McNuggets. It will also come with fries and a drink.

Now about those games. You will pack the crates into one of four figurines. Three of the four appear to be artsy against the classic McDonald’s characters Grimace, Hamburglar, and Birdie the Early Bird, while the fourth is a little yellow man in a McDonald’s shirt called Cactus Buddy.

In other news about McDonald’s, Halloween buckets May be back in the series this fall. So leave some room in your stomach for the return trip.

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