February 9, 2023


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Washington urges China to share information on its new epidemic

The U.S. is concerned about the country’s excessive circulation of the virus and its implications “for the entire world.”

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Beijing insisted on cooperation. US diplomatic chief Anthony Blinken on Thursday, December 22, called for China to share information about a new outbreak of Covid-19 before offering aid in the form of vaccines again.

“It’s very important that all countries, including China, focus on making sure that people are vaccinated, that there are tests and treatments, and that information about what they’re going through is shared with the world,” he said. He said in a press conference. Because it affects not only China but the whole world.

China recorded its first two official deaths from Covid-19 on Monday (Dec 19), as the country eased measures on its “zero Covid” policy. At the same time, hospitals and crematoriums have been overwhelmed by an unprecedented wave of cases in the Chinese capital.

A very ambiguous health situation

After protests in several cities, the Asian giant returned in early December and lifted most of the health restrictions that had been in place for nearly three years. Since then, the Covid-19 pandemic has erupted in China. But its size “Impossible” Subject to approval by the authorities, screening tests are no longer mandatory.

“The epidemic is increasing, The number of cases is doubling every day. We cannot count them. It is clear that this will encourage the appearance of variations”On Tuesday, December 20, lamented Antoine Flahault, epidemiologist, director of the Global Health Institute at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Geneva, in Franceinfo.

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