March 31, 2023


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Washington expels 12 Russian ambassadors accused of spying

The United States has said the move was “in preparation for months”.

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Additional diplomatic tension in an already explosive environment. Amid the apparent crisis with Russia over Ukraine, the United States decided to expel on Monday, February 28th. “Spying” Twelve members of the Russian Diplomatic Mission to the UN. Moscow immediately condemned a “Hostile attitude”.

“The United States has told the United Nations and the United Nations that we are beginning the process of expelling twelve intelligence agents from the abused Russian service.” Their diplomatic status in the United States “By engaging in espionage activities contrary to our national security.”Confirmed US diplomatic mission to the UN.

A spokesman for the mission assured that the move was in preparation “For many months”, Seems to want to differentiate from the US response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The U.S. camp has not yet released the reason for this decision.

“This is an act of hostility against our country.”Russian Ambassador to the United States Anatoly Antonov responded A statement was posted on FacebookThis action of the US administration a “Deep disappointment and a complete rejection” In Moscow. A Russian embassy source told AFP that neither the Russian ambassador to the UN nor his two senior representatives were concerned about the decision to expel him.

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