June 5, 2023


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War in Ukraine: Supersonic Russian frigate Gorchkov, equipped with Zircon hypersonic missiles, will perform new maneuvers in the sea

The Gorchkov frigate is equipped with Zircon missiles, capable of flying over 1,000 kilometers at nine times the speed of sound.

A Russian ship equipped with next-generation hypersonic cruise missiles will take part in joint exercises with the Chinese and South African navies in February, the official Russian news agency reported on Monday. CASSOfficial confirmation of participation Gorchkov For these maneuvers.

Gorchkov battleship equipped Zircon Missiles According to Russia, it is capable of flying more than 1,000 kilometers at nine times the speed of sound.

Citing an unidentified Russian Defense Ministry source, TASS said Gorchkov “Go to the logistics support center in Tartus, Syria, and then participate Joint maritime exercise with Chinese and South African navies.

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Exercises in the Norwegian Sea in January

The South African military announced on Thursday that the maneuvers, Scheduled from February 17 to 27 Near the port city of Durban, planned “Strengthen already growing ties between South Africa, Russia and China”.

After the joint exercise organized in 2019, this is the second cycle of the joint exercise involving the three countries.

Gorchkov conducted this month Exercises in the Norwegian Sea For request Vladimir PutinIt’s a way for the Russian president to send a signal to the West that Moscow will not back down from the Ukraine war.

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