October 2, 2022


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Vladimir Putin’s lying poker to intimidate the West

Vladimir Putin delivers a speech in Veliky Novgorod on September 21, 2022. Ilya Bidalev/AFP

Description – Sensing the ground slipping from under his feet at the military level, the master of the Kremlin pulls out the old string of a besieged Russian fortress.

This September 21, Vladimir Putin In a mechanistic rather than emotional tone, a masterpiece of disinformation was given to paint a picture of Russia being attacked by the West and the West. “Ukrainian Neo-Nazis”, Thus justifying the call for partial mobilization of the Russian people.

“If you dare to touch our territory, you will incur the wrath of our nuclear arsenal”, he told Westerners. The speech was a shameful reversal of the facts. Because it was Russia that launched against the sovereign country of Ukraine Total war. Every day it is Moscow that, through the voices of its ideologues and ministers, creates open fascist rhetoric expressing its desire to abolish Ukraine.

If you dare touch our territory, you will incur the wrath of our nuclear arsenal

Vladimir Putin

But in the “KGB House” tradition that Putin comes from, it doesn’t matter if a lie, even a huge one, is pinned on the narrator. I feel the ground going down…

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