March 21, 2023


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Vladimir Putin promises a “military and technical” response to the “unfriendly acts” case

The West accuses the Kremlin of stockpiling military equipment in preparation for an attack on the Ukrainian border.

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The fight of the candy merchants does not apply to international relations. Russian President Vladimir Putin has promised to respond on Tuesday, December 21 “Military and Technical” Against the backdrop of growing tensions around Ukraine, its Western rivals have not put an end to their policy of being considered a threat by Russia.

“If the very clear line of aggression of our Western comrades is maintained, we will take appropriate military and technical retaliatory action and respond decisively to non-aligned acts (…) We have every right to do so.”, He announced during an intervention in front of executives of the Russian Army and Defense Ministry.

“The strengthening of US and NATO military units on the Russian border and the organization of large-scale military maneuvers are a serious source of concern.” He noted, however, that Western nations have accused the Kremlin of possessing large amounts of military equipment in preparation for an attack on the border with Ukraine.

In this context, the Russian president once again underlined that, according to him, the United States and NATO should provide security guarantees to Russia by signing agreements preventing future expansion of the Atlantic Alliance.

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