June 8, 2023


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Violence erupted for the second night in a row in the Netherlands

Tightening health measures is not yet gone Netherlands. Clashes erupted in The Hague on Saturday evening following protests against restrictions imposed in the country following the resumption of the Kovit-19 epidemic. After all this violence happens after conflicts
Rotterdam There were 51 arrests and two gunshot wounds.

In a popular area La Hey Where the government was sitting, hundreds of people threw stones and various objects at police and set fire to bicycles. At least one arrest has been made. Violence erupted in Urg, a small Protestant town in the center of the country, and several cities in the province of Limburg. Both football matches in Alkmaar and Almelo were interrupted for several minutes by supporters frustrated by the closed session imposed as part of the fight against Govt-19.

The government wants to continue its screw-up

The Netherlands reintroduced partial control last week to deal with an increase in cases Govit-19It should close at 8pm, especially with the ongoing health restrictions affecting the restaurant industry. The government now plans to ban some non-vaccinated areas, including bars and restaurants. More than 21,000 new Govt-19 cases were registered in the country on Friday.

In Amsterdam, the demonstration was canceled by United Wee Stand organizers after the previous day’s chaos in Rotterdam, on the other hand, according to the media, according to the media, thousands of people marched in Preta wearing placards. There is no imprisonment ”. In this city, the demonstration seemed like a feast, with participants constantly dancing on floats with DJs, bringing “party buses” to the back. Smoke bombs were used and some firecrackers exploded as the last participants dispersed.

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