March 21, 2023


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Video. In London, the Queen of England’s bodyguard tramples a child

“Make room! 2, a guard of the Queen of England shouted to disperse tourists who had come to attend the traditional patrol. In his tracks, he strayed from his path and could not hit a child in his path. The incident took place in front of the Tower of London, a historic castle in the capital of England. This video has been viewed millions of times, Which prompted the British army to react. “The child unfortunately ran unexpectedly in front of the soldier. The soldier tried to step on the child and continued his duty. “

The video ends immediately after the collision and does not show whether the guard has finally returned. A military spokesman said the soldier had “examined the baby” and “confirmed everything was OK.” Incidents have already taken place with the Royal Guards. In 2015, a tourist provoked a guard by pretending to walk at his own pace before touching the shoulder of his gun. The enraged policeman threatened him with a weapon.

A long gray coat for the winter months (and red for the summer months) and a popular tanned helmet, the “Goldstream Guard” was part of a long-serving regiment of the British Army. Its role is to ensure the security of royal palaces.

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