June 9, 2023


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Vaccine duty: how the administrator justifies refusing to implement it

Arguments – The government continues to exclude any assistance for compulsory vaccination, arguing that the restrictions will be too difficult to enforce and that the fines will put too much weight on the finances of ordinary people. He continues to rely on the vaccine pass to achieve his vaccination goals.

The Socialist Party has been asking since last July. Former Prime Minister Edward Philippe spoke in support, with Italy issuing an edict on Wednesday imposing it on those over the age of 50 from February 15. But for the government, the mandatory vaccination is a red line that it still refuses to cross. In its argument, management points to the problem of restrictions and sanctions.

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“If I were to tell all the adults tomorrow, we would have to get vaccinated. How to control it, what permission? That’s the real thing.”Said the President in an interview with Parisian Wednesday January 5, released in addition to his will‘Biz Off’ Not vaccinated. “Am I going to force people to be vaccinated? Can I imprison them and vaccinate them? You’re going to tell me: You’re a different person, you … we will not do that.” To achieve the same goal, he bets everything on the vaccine pass, which was voted on by the National Assembly from Wednesday to Thursday night. “You have to tell them: from January 15, you can no longer go to the restaurant, you can no longer take the cannon, you can no longer drink coffee, you can no longer go to the theater, you can no longer go to the cinema …”, He added.

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Similar arguments were put forward by the Prime Minister on Thursday morning. “Purpose: To vaccinate as many people as possible. Mandatory vaccination is a means and a tool.”, Explained Jean Costex on RMC and BFMTV. “We already have difficulties verifying the pass, and there will be more to control the vaccine duty.” “What is compulsory vaccination? It’s a fine. The goal is to vaccinate people, not to pay into the state treasury. How do we control it? There is a substance to the process. The pass is very efficient.”, He continued.

Do not overwhelm the poor with fines

Another argument put forward by the administrator: the amount of the penalty, which weighs the categories of the unvaccinated population, is often quite normal. “The difficulty with the permit is that those who are already in financial crisis, you have not been vaccinated and you will be fined.”, Representatives rated by LaREM Christophe Castaner President franceinfo. “You have people who have not been vaccinated, Explained Jean Costex. In an interview he gave to Parisian, Emmanuel Macron refused to pay a fine of 1000 or 2000 euros. “The most modest people who have not been vaccinated”.

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Finally, the government does not want to compare France’s situation with that of European countries, which have introduced the vaccine obligation: Italy for those over 50, and Austria for its entire population from February 15. February 1. “Many countries have implemented compulsory vaccination, they do not need the same vaccination rate that we have in France.”, Justified by Christoph Gostner. “Those who did this had very, very low vaccination rates. It allowed them to progress, but not even where we were.”, Also said Jean Costex.

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Today, however, 73.8% of the French population is fully vaccinated, compared to 75.3% in Italy and 73.1% in Austria. Even if the vaccination rate in the latter country actually increases in view of the vaccination obligation in November and December.

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