March 21, 2023


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Unusual. More than 5 meters of snow in Sierra Nevada, it is not over

After months of severe drought, water shortages and wildfires triggered several days of heavy snowfall in Sierra Nevada, California, and enough to break decades-old records. Salon CNN.

According to Sierra de Berkeley, a university laboratory that has been recording annual measurements for more than 50 years, about 5 meters of snow has fallen in the region so far this month. After 4.50 meters established in December 1970, this December officially became the snowfall December in the region.

This is the third snowy month overall, but January 2017, which recorded more than 6 meters of snowfall, could not break the maximum monthly record. Also, it is unlikely to exceed it: snow should continue to fall for the last three days of the year, but experts say that is not enough to exceed this figure.

40 minutes to 45 meters

At the site, members of the laboratory said the ice was “deep and difficult to cross” and that it took about 40 minutes to get to the site, where measurements were taken 45 meters from the sea. Laboratory.

Its manager, Andrew Schwartz, was delighted with the arrival of this white gold, while at the same time pessimistic about the future: “With global warming and snow, we’re going to reduce it, so when there’s months like this, I’m happy.”

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