October 5, 2022


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Unusual. He has been missing for 16 years for fear of admitting to his parents that he failed the exam

His parents had been without news of him for 16 years. On November 16, they reunited with their now 39-year-old son Wang. His disappearance was actually a leak after he failed in college.

An excellent student

Considered one of the best students in high school, Wang naturally continued his education at Chang’an University in Xi’an (China). The Chinese government considers the institution to be one of the top 100 best universities in the country Message24.

In 2005, when he lived alone for ten hours away from his family home, he became addicted to video games, which distracted him from his corrections. Then the young man loses his studies completely. Embarrassed by this failure, he refuses to tell his parents the bad news, breaks off relationships and goes to work to survive.

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ID card renewal

16 years later, when Wang wanted to renew his identity card, his trace of his father Xian could not be traced even after several failed searches. At his request the local government office identified him as part of a list of missing persons.

In the eastern province of Shandong, his relatives, who live nearly 1,000 kilometers away, have been warned. Reconnecting, Capture, and show on Twitter’s Chinese equivalent post that the son and his mother were very emotional. Wang’s parents did not oppose him in the end for this failure and the flight that followed.

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News24 recalls that the Chinese education system is known to generate high levels of school stress.