June 9, 2023


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United States: Discover incredible selfies of this bear captured in a nature park in Colorado

In the US, teams from Open Space and Mountain Parks in Colorado found more than 400 camera-trap selfies taken by bears.

Did Instagram find a new follower? A bear in the Open Space and Mountain Parks (OSMP) in the state of Colorado, USA took about 400 selfies in front of a camera trap.

Nice surprise

According to NBC News, 9 devices of this type have been installed throughout the park to monitor the movement of existing mammals. The camera will activate whenever motion is detected.

Park staff were pleasantly surprised to see pictures of this black bear ready to make an impact, referring to recent pictures.

Funny but above all useful photos

“These photos made us laugh, and we thought it would make many people happy,” OSMP spokesman Philip Yates said in a statement.

Beyond the funny and beautiful aspect, Philip Yates is delighted that these photographs “provide a unique opportunity to learn more about how native species use the landscape around us, while reducing our presence in sensitive habitats”. They also teach us that animals are just as addicted to photos as we are.

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