June 8, 2023


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Ukrainian wheat production is expected to fall by 40% in the 2022-2023 season

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Volodymyr Zhelensky estimates that Ukraine loses sixty to one hundred soldiers a day in the east of the country.. “The situation in the East [de l’Ukraine] Is very difficult. We lose sixty to a hundred soldiers every day, and up to five hundred are wounded in battle.Said the President of Ukraine, in an interview with the American media Newswax.

The United States will supply rocket launchers with a range of 80 kilometers to Ukraine. Joe Biden announced America “Provide[aient] Ukrainians with more advanced missile systems and ammunition will be able to hit more accurate targets on the battlefield in Ukraine.. It is, according to a senior White House official, the Himars (High Mobility Artillery Rocket System), which means many rocket launchers are mounted on light armored vehicles, about 80 kilometers away. To Russia, Washington “Pour oil on the fire” By supplying new weapons to Ukraine. Also, she Warns of greater danger of Russian-American conflict. “Any arms supply will continue to increase, increasing the risk of such development.”Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Rybkov said.

Germany has been criticized by Ukraine for its limited arms exports to provide an improved air defense system Suspicious “Protect a big city from temptation” The Russians, Olaf Scholes announced Wednesday. “The German government has decided to provide IRIS-T, the most advanced air defense system in Germany.”Announced before German Chancellor Bundestag.

Pope calls for lifting of embargo on grain exports from UkrainePreservation “Global Right to Food” And condemns the use of wheat “Weapon of War”. “Preventing grain exports from the lives of millions of people, especially those living in poor countries, is a matter of great concern.”Francis, 85, said at the end of his weekly public visit to St. Peter’s Square in the Vatican.

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Russian gas exports fell 27.6%. Between January and May 2022, the main Russian group Gosprom announced on Wednesday that compared to the same period of 2021. “Exported to overseas [ne comprenant pas les pays de la Communauté des Etats indépendants, CEI] 61 billion cubic meters or 27.6% [23,2 milliards de mètres cubes] Less than the same period of 2021 ”The team writes in a telegram message.

Russia is taking steps to that end “Reduce” Impact of oil barrier The Russian European Union decided. “These sanctions will have a negative impact on Europe, on us and on the global energy market, but there is a change. [de l’économie russe] This will allow them to minimize the negative consequences. “Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters.

Pro-Russian separatists in Ukraine claim to have gained a tactical advantage By cutting off one of the only two roads leading to the city of Avtivka, which is controlled by Ukrainian forces near the rebel stronghold of Donetsk. The announcement comes as Russia and its separatist paramilitary forces are concentrating on the bulk of their efforts in the Donbass region of eastern Ukraine, especially in the city of Sverdlovsk. Russian forces “Is now 70% controlled in Siverodonetsk”Sergei Haidai, the governor of this part of the Donbass Basin, told his Telegram channel on Wednesday.