February 5, 2023


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Ukrainian attacks on Donetsk; Kherson was bombarded by Russian forces

Ukrainian grain: 14 million tons exported UN

The Black Sea Initiative has so far exported 14 million tonnes of grain from Ukrainian ports, a senior UN official in charge of negotiations said on Thursday. During a press conference in Geneva, the Secretary-General of the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development, Rebecca Grinzpan, outlined the impact of this agreement between Ukraine and Russia, which helped reduce global food prices for seven consecutive months.

“We have crossed 14 million tonnes (…) Distributed by the Black Sea Grain Initiative”She pointed out that these are blocks “Very important to the market”. The Black Sea Agreement, signed by the UN, Ukraine, Russia and Turkey on July 22 for 120 days to help ease a global food crisis caused by the war, was renewed for another four months.

Mme Grinzpan brushed aside accusations by those who say grain exports from Ukraine end up in rich countries, not developing countries. Mme Grynspan explained that it was first necessary to distinguish grain exports for livestock from those intended for human consumption. “Let’s be clear, most animal feed never goes to developing countries, it’s imported from developed countries.”, she clarified. On the contrary, “Developing countries have benefited greatly from the Black Sea Grains Initiative” Regarding the food items consumed by the people, he maintained. Thus, he gave an example of two-thirds of wheat exports going to developing countries. But Costa Rica’s former vice president acknowledged that the amount of grain exported is still below 2021 levels. “There’s still a long way to go”Did she say

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As in other cases, he said he feared there would be shortage of fertilizer next year.