December 3, 2022


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Ukraine war: 13 dead in Russian warplane crash into apartment building in coastal city of Yeysk

Ukraine war: 13 dead in Russian warplane crash into apartment building in coastal city of Yeysk

Thirteen people were killed after a Russian warplane crashed into a nine-story apartment building and started a massive fire that engulfed several floors.

A Su-34 bomber went down in the Russian port city of Yeysk on Monday evening after experiencing an engine failure.

The Sea of ‚Äč‚ÄčAzov separates Yeysk from the Russian-occupied territories in the southeast of Ukraine.

After hours of combing through the charred rubble of the building, authorities said 13 residents, including three children, had found the bodies. Another 19 were taken to hospital with injuries.

The region’s deputy governor, Anna Minkova, said three of the victims died when they jumped from the upper floors of the building in a desperate attempt to escape the flames, according to the RIA Novosti news agency.

The Russian Defense Ministry said the attacker fell after one of his engines caught fire while taking off on a training mission.

She added that both crew members were safely rescued, but the plane crashed into a residential area, causing a fire with tons of fuel exploding on impact.

Authorities said they had booked emergency rooms and operating theaters at local hospitals and medical planes rushed out.

At least 17 apartments were said to have been damaged by the fire, and about 100 were said to have been evacuated.

The Kremlin said Russian President Vladimir Putin had been informed of the incident and had ordered the health and emergency ministers, along with the local governor, to go to the site.

District Governor Veniamin Kondratiev said emergency services were working to put out the fire.

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Videos posted on the channels of the Russian messaging app showed a massive fire that engulfed an apartment building and a loud bang from the apparent explosion of the warplane’s weapons.

Yeisk is a city of 90,000 people that is home to a large Russian air base and training center.

The Su-34 is a twin-engine supersonic attack aircraft equipped with advanced sensors and weapons that has been a staple of Russian air strikes.

The aircraft first flew in 1990, but entered service only 26 years later, in 2014. The aircraft saw widespread use during the war in Syria.

Russia was believed to have around 140 Su-34s in operation prior to its massive invasion of Ukraine in late February.

Monday’s incident was the 10th non-combat incident reported of a Russian warplane since Moscow sent its forces into Ukraine.