May 19, 2022


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Ukraine: Photographer Max Levine missing for three weeks shot dead

According to the Ukrainian case, the photographer was shot dead by Russian soldiers. This senior Ukrainian librarian, Max Levine, had not been heard from for three weeks, and he was found dead and shot dead. After the withdrawal of Russian troops from an area near KievUkrainian officials announced Saturday.

“She is OK In the war zone In the Kiev region on March 13. On April 1, his body was found near the village of Gouda Mezikuirska, some ten kilometers north of the capital, the head of the presidential administration, Andrei Irmak, told the Telegram.

“According to initial reports, unarmed Maksym (Maksym (Maks, better known by editorial reference) Levin) was shot dead by two small arms soldiers of the Russian Armed Forces,” the prosecutor wrote in a press release. He said.

“He was unarmed and wearing a press jacket.”

Maks Levine, 40, a father of four, has collaborated with several Ukrainian and international media outlets. In 2014, at the beginning of the war between Kiev and pro-Russian separatists with the support of Moscow in eastern Ukraine, he was able to leave the southeastern city of Ilovysk, where hundreds of Ukrainians were surrounded. Killed in a few days.

The Reporters with Youth (RSF) organization responded by saying, “He was unarmed and wore a press jacket” and was “killed like five other journalists in Ukraine since the beginning of the war”. The RSF recalled on its Twitter account that “targeting journalists is a war crime.”

Several Ukrainian and Western journalists were killed Dozens of people have been injured in Ukraine since the start of the Russian invasion on February 24. At least three of them died in northeastern Kiev, where fighting broke out between Ukrainian forces and the Russian military, which in recent days has retreated and abandoned dozens of villages around the capital.

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