March 31, 2023


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Ukraine: Firing on Kiev, Dnipro and Mykholyev, Mayor of Melidopol “abducted” … Update on the attack this Saturday March 12

17th TheInvasion of Ukraine By Russia, the offensive continues, always sowing destruction. According to the UN, more than 2.5 million people have already fled the “unconscious” war, and two million have fled Ukraine. Russian forces continue their strategy of harassing cities and reducing depression. From the capital, President Zhelensky described the conflict as “already reaching a strategic turning point”. “I can not say how many more days it takes to liberate Ukrainian land, but we can say we will,” he called on the Russian mothers. “Do not send (their) children to war”.

Already eruptions in Kiev

Explosions were heard early Saturday morning as the capital was under pressure for more than two weeks and Russian forces were stationed around Kiev. But thanks to the mobilization of tens of thousands of soldiers, Moscow thought to capture a flash capital. Satellite images Showed them on Friday As they advanced on Kiev they fired artillery and houses were set on fire.

“The war continues northwest of Kiev with most of the Russian ground forces, about 25 kilometers from the city center,” the British Armed Forces Ministry said Saturday morning. “Elements of the Great Russian Colony are scattered north of Kiev, which will support Russia’s attempt to encircle the city, and may also be an attempt to reduce Russia’s vulnerability to Ukrainian counter-attacks, which have had a major impact on Russian forces.

The town of Moschun, northwest of Kiev, continues to be targeted, and a fire was reported at Hostomel Airport, about 75 km from the capital. Similarly, Ukrainian services released photos in the early hours of the morning of refrigerated warehouses on fire in Kvitneve, 30 km from the historic center of Kiev. At 3:30 a.m. (2:30 a.m. French time) they were targeted by Russian attacks. No casualties were reported, but all the food they had was destroyed.

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Mayor of Melidopol was imprisoned

President Zhelensky on Friday evening denounced Ivan Fedorov as “abducted.” CCTV footage shared by officials from the president’s office shows a dozen armed men driving a man out of a city building. The mayor was at the center of the crisis to manage the distribution of the city of Zaporozhye. The Ukrainian parliament said a bag had been placed on the mayor’s head, while the foreign ministry warned that kidnapping was a war crime.

“So the mayor of Melitopol was caught not only against a particular person, but also against a particular community, not just against Ukraine. This is a crime against democracy (…) The actions of the Russian invaders are tantamount to the actions of the terrorists of the Islamic State. ”

This Saturday morning, several hundred residents gathered in front of a Russian-occupied town hall to demand the mayor’s release.

Second day shelling on Dinipro

Air strike sirens sounded this Saturday at 5:25 a.m. local time (4:25 a.m. French time) in Dinifro in central Ukraine. CNN reporters felt at least two explosions, smoke and the remains of an anti-aircraft fire. Dnipro was targeted by three strikes early Friday morning, which struck a school, an apartment building and a shoe factory. Civilians were killed. In Lutsk and Chernihiv, a football field and a library were attacked.

Anti-aircraft sirens sound everywhere

1h40 without stopping in Odessa, French journalist Vanessa Descorax tweeted. Sirens warned of possible attacks in Kiev, Lviv, Kharkiv, Serkashi and Sumi.

Shell attack in a district of Mikolaiv, bombing of hospitals

The Mykolayiv port city, Near Odessa, was bombed without a rest from Friday to Saturday night, particularly the scenes of an attack on a cancer care center and an ophthalmology hospital, the AFP reporter noted. “They opened fire on these civilian areas without any military motive. It has a hospital, an orphanage and an ophthalmology center, all located in the Ingolsky district north of the city, said Dimitrov Lagotsev, the hospital’s chairman.

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During the strike, no patients or caregivers were at the cancer center. But the eye clinic had an unspecified number of patients. “We spent the whole night in the basement, everything was shaking and the patients were scared,” said its director Kasimira Rilkova.