November 27, 2022


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Twenty-strong Russian military engineers were behind the targeted attack

They may have been complicit in war crimes in Ukraine. A group of young Russian military engineers, women and men, will be in charge Targeted strikes affecting Ukraineincluding its capital, as of mid-October, according to the joint investigation BellingateThe Insider and Der Spiegel, published on Monday. The strikes shocked the international community, the first time a target had been targeted in months The capital is KievBut above all public targets such as strategic electrical infrastructure and children’s playgrounds.

This six-month investigation led to the identification of “a hitherto secretive team of dozens of military engineers with training and professional experience in missile programming,” Bellingcat notes in his article. “The majority of members identified by Bellingate and its partners are young men and women, including husband-wife couples, and many have backgrounds in computers and video games,” he said.

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The age of these young players is calling. In their twenties – the four youngest members are only 24 – they may be complicit War crimesA military historian, observer of the conflict and president of the Action Sustainability Institute notes, Cedric Moss on Twitter. “Although many of them already have a civilian education in mathematics or computer science, all of them are trained as military engineers at the Army Academy of Strategic Missile Forces or the Institute of Army and Naval Engineering,” the inquiry site builds.

Some of them will have already served at the Russian military command center in Damascus between 2016 and 2021. Russia has deployed cruise missiles in Syria.