August 9, 2022


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Tour de Martinique 2022 in skiffs: Rosette / Orange Carabi wins stage 3 in Saint-Pierre

Rebound in Stage 3 (August 3, 2022), won by Rosette / Orange Carabi in Saint-Pierre. Ufr /Chanflor, the leader at the beginning of this phase, sank the Grand-Rivière in a very difficult phase, as did the other skiffs. Sarah/ Auto Distribution takes the red jersey first in the time classification.

In addition to the success of the Rosette /Orange Caraïbe (François) crew, the misfortune of the Robertins of the Ufr / Sanflor (Robert) leaders on Wednesday August 3, 2022 in Saint-Pierre is a fact today. Time and points at the start of this 3rd stage. Captain Félix Merin and his crew were hit by a wave at 10:55 a.m. in Grand-Rivière.

Other skiffs also ply between the exit from Macouba and the route to Grand-Rivière: Mr Bricolage (Robert), Prixe /Banamart (Vauclin), the Appaloosa/Vito/ Ho-Hio-Hen…The CTDM skiff / Edf (Lamentin ) in turn to the island of La Perle Between the mainland and the sunken after a few minutes.

Ufr/Chanflor and Rosette/Orange Caraïbe skiffs in phase 3.

©Carl Sivathe

Until this incident Rosette / Orange and Ufr / Sanflor were leading the race, closely followed by Sara / Auto Distribution (Marin).

The Ufr’s two main rivals took the opportunity to take to the open sea, but it was William Saurin / Miltis (Francois) who had left Grand-Rivière and took the lead with a daring maneuver before sinking ashore. The crew managed to get out in less than ten minutes.

On the second part of the stage, the new turn Ufr / Sanfleur and William Saurin / Miltis fell again after 12 o’clock near Le Precheur. Riders are psychologically affected…

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Meanwhile, Rosette / Orange Caraïbe slipped into the lead, carried by a favorable wind and won at Saint-Pierre. His supporters are overjoyed with this.

Sponsors of the Rosette / Orange Caraïbe skiff

Rosette / Orange Caraïbe skiff supporters.

© Raphael Bastide

Rarely have we seen so many twists at the same stage. “At a point like this, the tour will be lost.”Comments by Henri-Emilie Largen, our consultant.

Arrival of the 3rd phase in Saint-Pierre

1 Rosette / Caribbean Orange in 4 hours 39′ 28″

2 Sara / Self Delivery 1’47”

3 William Sarin / Miltis 5’13”

4 Appaloosa/Vito/Ho-Hyo-Hen 7’49”

5 TDM / EDF 8’20”

6 Cfa / Umih Practice 9’25”

7 Elizé / Madiana at 9’46″…

Tomorrow (August 4, 2022), stage 4 between Saint-Pierre and Fort-de-France.