June 5, 2023


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Totally brutal, not good, terrible, rubbish, sudden collapse sends the hats off to the brink: Panthers beat capitals 5-3

Totally brutal, not good, terrible, rubbish, sudden collapse sends the hats off to the brink: Panthers beat capitals 5-3

Teams that win game five to go up 3-2 in a series win that series 79 percent of the time. Therefore, it is safe to say that this was significant.

TJ Oshie another goal in this series gave the Hats an early lead. Justin Schultz pounces on a space disk to double his lead and TJ Oshie will do another catch to give them three. Florida will respond three times per second to hook while the hats forget how to play hockey.

Carter Verhaghi again. Claude Giroud stamped.

The Panthers defeated the Capitals 5-3. The Panthers now lead the series 3-2.

  • The Capitals played really well in the first twelve minutes or so until the Panthers took advantage of some guys advantage that really gave them momentum to finish the frame. Little management of the game from the administrators. It would be great if hats got some of that on the ice at home.
  • We have to make sure we go review the whistleblower rule which was something like 100 years ago just to give every Caps fan a worried attack. Born yesterday official is the NHL’s biggest export.
  • Some strange things happen with the lines in the first. Peter Laviolette tries to be tricky with matches and plays Alex Ovechkin on two different lines. Nothing works.
  • You can’t go 3-0 up in the middle of a hockey game and it’s all going to happen in one period. Only a few very awful mistakes can be avoided, let Florida go straight back into the game. awesome.
  • John Carlson He needs to get his body in front of this disc. Dive on a lollipop if you have to. Not whatever it is. Martin Ferrari He wasn’t great either in recovery but that shift wasn’t necessary as they had the chance to change before any of that happened. He extended it for a good cause zero.
  • Five capitals players sit in their folds and are hit by a single tiger to tie the match. Just give up on goals.
  • research, Alexander Barkov Not a dirty player but he knew exactly what he was doing with that high stick on Ilya Samsonov. I don’t think he meant the end result but he wasn’t oblivious there.
  • Zero life to start third and of course you can’t do that in playoffs. They looked pretty much like the hats I kind of expected in this series… which isn’t a good thing.
  • Dmitriy Orlov This game was terrible. His nonsense led to Verhaeghe’s goal to give Florida their first lead. Carlson followed it up with another mindless move on Giroux’s goal.
  • Ilya Samsonov He did what he could. The team that had a lot in front of him put in the second half of the game.
  • Marcus Johansson He’s had like four or five chances in this series that you have to get into. infuriating.

Game Six is ​​back on ice at the Capital One Arena on Friday. A great game to say the least. Win or he see you in September.

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Screenshot via ESPN