November 27, 2022


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Top 7 Mastodon Server Statuses To Join By Twitter Migrants

Top 7 Mastodon Server Statuses To Join By Twitter Migrants

Quit Twitter after Elon Musk’s takeover? Well, you are not alone. Many users have decided to leave Twitter for a different platform.

Whether or not you leave the platform entirely is up to you. However, if you are looking for an alternative, mastodon He is the one you should choose.

What is a mastodon?

Mastodon is An open source decentralized social media platform. Highlights include:

  • It is an independent platform, not under the control of a single individual or company.
  • There is no algorithm that collects/analyzes your usage pattern.
  • You get complete control over the platform, which can be used to build a personalized experience for your community.
  • No ads.

Primarily intended as an open source alternative to Twitter (considering that the posts used to be called “trumpet” is similar to “Tweets”) and the post format can look a bit similar. Gradually it is evolving as an open source social media platform everywhere.

You can deploy Mastodon on your own server (with control of your data) or register on any available instances of Mastodon (hosted by someone else). Each server is run by individuals and enthusiastic users who don’t like using platforms run by tech giants.

We already have an article Explain what a mastodon is By server admin if you want more in depth details.

What are Mastodon Instances or Servers?


Mastodon is an open source social media software.

Anyone can host it on their servers. Sometimes it is a group of people, an individual or an entity. They are responsible for maintaining and modifying it.

Think of it as “communities” rather than “servers” or an example. There are many Mastodon communities run by a wide variety of people. You can join any available communities and interact with users across the Mastodon Network.

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You can always find the servers Use Mastodon official server portal.

If you are a user and want to use the platform to post things, follow other users, and interact with the community, you don’t have to worry about how it all works.

However, it is necessary to choose the right community, such as Every server has different rules, guidelines, and preferences.

To help you save time, I recommend a few The best (or most) Mastodon servers You can join to get a good experience In no particular order of arrangement.

Unlike other social media platforms, Mastodon servers are mostly community-based. Therefore, we encourage you to donate/help the server admins to keep enjoying the platform.

1. Fostodon


Fostodon It is the best example of a Mastodon Linux users and open source enthusiasts. It’s not one of the most popular options, but it’s a good one.

You can discuss anything you want as long as you follow her code of conduct; The focus is on free and open source software. If you need like-minded users to discuss the same thing, Fosstodon is an excellent choice.

I’ve been a user of this server for a couple of years now, and you’ll find engaging/valuable posts.

2. Mstdn. social

mstdn social

Mstdn. social It is one of the most interesting Mastodon server cases. responsible for this instance (stux) very active and welcoming.

You can discuss anything here using the language of your choice, be it technology, general stuff, or cute cat pictures. The moderator regularly shares pictures of his cats; You might want to give it a follow just for the sake of it.

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mas l

Diamond to It is another interactive server where you can enjoy posting various content.

It has a good number of active users. So, you can always expect things to be cute and energetic. You shouldn’t have any issues as long as you abide by the server rules.

At the time of writing, has paused accepting new user registrations to increase server capacity. You may want to monitor this.

4. Vivaldi Social

Vivaldi mastodon

If you are not confident in relying on Mastodon servers that are managed by individuals, you may want to choose to use Mastodon Vivaldi Social.

Built by makers Vivaldi Browser.

It’s good to see companies like Vivaldi promoting the adoption of open source technology and decentralization through this case.

Sure, you’ll find Vivaldi branding replacing the Mastodon logo and Vivaldi team posts to promote their services once in a while, and that’s it. You will not find any ads. It also allows you to discuss anything in general, not restricted to one language.

5. Mastodon. art

Mastodon art

Mastodon art He is a server that caters to all kinds of art (illustration, paintings, etc.). The server does not allow NFTs / Crypto Art.

This server should be an excellent place to start if you want a feed full of creative stuff. At the time of writing, is not accepting new subscriptions until the queue has been cleared. You can check back in a while to try to create an account with them.

6. Techhub. social


Techhub. social It aims to meet the needs of users who are passionate about all technologies.

Anyone can join the server if you follow the server rules. You don’t have to be a technical expert to join the server, but the main focus remains technology.

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7. Mastodon. lol

mastodon lol

Mastodon. lol It’s for you if you want a server that aims to welcome LBGTQ+ members, hackers, and a similar group of users.

Just like some other servers, is flooded with new user registrations. However, the management plans to reopen registrations as soon as new moderators are added to the server.

Questions and answers (FAQ)

  1. Are Mastodon servers privacy friendly?

    Yes, Mastodon is designed in such a way that no advanced algorithm collects any form of data to serve ads.

    For the rest of the things, the server administrator can access the data you give them when registering and other general statistics (number of posts, likes, IP address, email, etc.). Therefore, you can choose to use VPN services or Tor and various other Privacy tools To keep your identity anonymous.

    You may want to check the privacy policy of the server you intend to join.

  2. Does Mastodon allow NSFW content?

    Some servers do that, some servers don’t. You must read the server rules and regulations.

    There is a feature to mark content as sensitive, which gives users a warning before they try to view your post.

  3. What happens when the Mastodon server becomes unavailable?

    Transfer account mastodon

    Considering that Mastodon servers are run by individuals, it can be a drawback for some.

    If you want to prepare yourself for D-day, you can always use a file Account options for switching to a different account (or switching from a different account).

    You can find it under Account → Account Settings → Switch to a different account (or from)