March 26, 2023


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Three killed in Crimean bridge explosion

“Today at 06:07 pm on the road side of the bridge Crimea (…) A car bomb exploded, which set fire to seven railway tanks on their way to Crimea,” the group cited by Russian agencies pointed out. Russia opened a criminal investigation into the bombing on Saturday. “According to preliminary information, three people were killed as a result of the accident. They were in their truck when it exploded. A nearby car may have been passengers,” the Russian intelligence agency said in a statement.

A Kremlin spokesman told Ria Novosti that Vladimir Putin had ordered the formation of a government commission to establish the facts. According to the counter-terrorism team, two road lanes were damaged but the arch of the bridge was not affected. Vladimir Konstantinov, head of the Crimean Assembly, a regional parliament established by Russia, condemned the plot by “Ukrainian saboteurs”.

If Ukraine is to blame for the fire and explosion at the Crimean bridge, it will be disappointing for Russia that critical infrastructure so far from the front could be damaged by Ukrainian forces. Russia has suffered a series of military setbacks since early September, forcing its troops to retreat in the northeast and south of the country, particularly in the region. GersonCrimea’s border, and whose connection Putin claims.

Rail traffic has finally resumed on the Crimean bridge that connects Russia to the annexed peninsula, a Russian operator announced shortly after car traffic resumed. According to Grand Service Express, the company that operates connections between Crimea and Russia, two trains left the peninsula early in the morning to reach Moscow and St. Petersburg. “Trains will cross the Crimean bridge,” the company said in a telegram.

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Kerch Strait

A fire on a wide road and rail bridge connecting Russia-linked Ukrainian Crimea with the Russian territory has forced rail and road traffic. However, it is necessary for the transport of people and goods to the peninsula and for troops stationed in Ukraine. Opened in 2018, the bridge spanning the Kerch Strait became a symbol of the 2014 annexation.

Russia has always maintained that the bridge poses no danger despite fighting in Ukraine, but Kyiv has threatened retaliation if Ukrainian forces attack the infrastructure or others. Crimea. There have been several explosions in recent months at Russian military positions on the peninsula, possibly as a result of Ukrainian military operations, such as the August munitions warehouse explosion that destroyed the Zhankoy military base, forcing tourists to flee. region.

Russian officials have always been tight-lipped about similar incidents at Zhankoy and near the Ukrainian border at weapons depots elsewhere in Russia. At Djankoi, Russia finally recognized it as a “sabotage” and weeks later the Russian military acknowledged its responsibility.