May 17, 2022


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“This is the first time I’ve been so scared. I’m not feeling well tonight.”

Lilly: “This is the first time I’ve been so scared”

In the working-class district of Fives, a gradual winner, District Town Hall welcomed thirty registrants, or 3.03% of voters, from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. Avoid touching an automatic door handle, a hydroalcoholic gel dispenser is placed at the entrance and the entire team responsible for welcoming voters has chosen to wear the mask.

Already five Fivos have agreed to come to the polls this evening. “There are some who tell us that they are afraid to remove them because of the expected results.”Camille Stevenard, chairman of the polling station, explains.

27-year-old Boris DuPont is one of them. “I think we’ve going to be in the second round of Macron-Le Pen. Right it barks more than it bites, but you never know” The young man works in the catering industry, he believes “Crisis [du Covid-19] Very well managed, but the ecology was dropped in all projects. Then, [il] [s]More interested in projects than candidates.

At the age of 25, Gaya Mentsilevsky “Run away” Find her boyfriend in Brussels. “It simply came to our notice thenSays this lily girl who works in cartoons. Tonight, I’m not going to be fine. I voted for Macron in the second round in 2017, but both scare me: the extreme right-wing and the dangerous nature of Macron’s policy. ⁇ Before leaving for Belgium, Gaïa voted with a knot in his stomach not knowing what to do in the second round during the Macron-Le Pen fight.

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Mickaël Baisez, 35, could not put his envelope in the office 208 ballot box. He did not change his address. “I have to go to Roubaix, where I lived for ten yearsSays Smigard, a father of three. It costs me gas, but it can be a good thing. ⁇

Anger, boredom “Tax”He votes for Marine Le Pen for the first time, “Because she’s not like Dad, there are people behind her.”. Michael works at a unity grocery store. Inquires “Many via Facebook and Dictoc”, n / A “Not tested by Zemora”, No. “No racism”, and wants to “change the president”.

10 a.m. at Office 208 in Lily-Fives. 66 voters or 6.66% have been displaced since the office opened.

Larry Monis (Lily, Reporter)