June 8, 2023


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The young Syrian was found dead on the border between Poland and Belarus

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16h53 : This afternoon, Russian President Vladimir Putin called on European leaders to discuss with his Belarusian envoy the solution to the migration crisis on the country’s borders. The EU promises to break its role: new EU sanctions “Decided and used”Says Margaritas Shinas, Vice President of the European Commission Inside Le Figaro.

16h45 : Svetlana Dikanovskaya, an anti-Belarusian candidate who ran against Alexander Lukashenko in the last presidential election, has called on EU countries to reject any dialogue with him. It is not possible to negotiate with a dictator who threatens democracies., He wrote on Twitter.

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COP26 is almost over. The 196 nations gathered in Glasgow for two weeks are engaged in a joint declaration to close this annual summit against global warming. Follow the latest information and first analysis directly.

Polish police say the body of a Syrian youth has been found near the Belarusian-Polish border. The death toll from the migration crisis on the Belarus-EU border has risen to 11. Follow our lives.

Six years after the terror attack, many tributes have been paid by the authorities In commemoration of the November 13 attacks, When testing victims. With Anne Hidalgo in particular, Jean Costex embarked on a journey of tribute with a wreath following a minute of silence in front of the cafe terraces and the Bataclan in Paris.

13h59 : Turkish military presence in Libya “A Power of Stability”, The next day the spokesman for the Turkish presidency promised to withdraw Emmanuel Macron’s request against Turkey and Russia. “Without delay” Their “Mercenaries”.

12h41 : Our journalist Aurelian Goli went to Beirut airport in Lebanon. There he met the Syrians, Those trying to mobilize Belarus. “There’s nothing here, nothing to live for. Everyone is in misery. So if you can go you go.”, Summarize one of them.

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(Leonid Sheklov / Belda)

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புதிய The new draft final declaration of the Glasgow Climate Conference is required “Speed ​​up efforts” Towards the speed of countries’ commitment to reduce coal emissions and greenhouse gas emissions. The debate will resume at 1 p.m. After tough talks last night.

Six years after the terror, many tributes were paid by the authorities in Paris and Saint-Denis to commemorate the November 13 attacks. Forms the collective memory of these attacks.

Vladimir Putin Rejected in an interview There is some responsibility for the current migrant crisis on the border between Belarus and Poland, where thousands of migrants have gathered for days. Russia has been accused by several Western voices of colluding with Minsk to deport these migrants.

11h43 : “Until we create an organized, safe way within the EU and a system to distribute asylum seekers, we will remain vulnerable to traffickers.”

According to Franசois Gemene, the Belarusian regime “Hurry” At its border, immigrants were used “A kind of diplomatic lever”, For “Lobby” On the Europeans. His interview can be found here.

Immigrants stranded on the border between Belarus and Poland on November 11, 2021.  (LEONID SHCHEGLOV / BELTA)(Leonid Sheklov / Belda)

10h35 : The world To take into account Current migration crisis at the border Between Belarus and Poland. “A few months ago, the recent local outrage of a bizarre dictator turned the Belarusian regime’s instrument of disgrace into a serious international crisis.”, Analyzes the daily newspaper in an editorial.

10h10 : Vladimir Putin denies any responsibility for the ongoing migrant crisis on the border between Belarus and Poland, where thousands of migrants have gathered for days. “I want everyone to know that. We have nothing to do with this.”The president said in an interview this week after accusing several Western voices of sending these immigrants to the border along with Minsk.(Sergei Gunev / Sputnik via AFP)

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09h29 : After several weeks Crisis on the border between Poland and Belarus, Polish elected officials are impatient. “I wanted the EU to get more involved. This crisis has been going on since the summer. The EU is just starting to talk, a few months late,” he said. Sorry to the mayor of a small town a few kilometers away from Belarus.