June 8, 2023


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The WHO is currently calling for better protection for children who are more susceptible to infection

The European branch of the organization recommends strengthening testing in schools and considering vaccinating school children.

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The WHO, which is facing a recurrence of the Govt-19 epidemic in Europe, called on Tuesday, December 7, to better protect children currently infected with the virus. The European branch of the organization also advises to strengthen testing in schools and to consider vaccinating school children to avoid further class closures and the return of distance education.

“The use of masks and ventilation, with regular testing, should be the norm in all elementary schools and pediatric immunizations should be discussed and considered nationally.”

Hans Klook, director of the WHO in Europe

At the press conference

According to the WHO, cases are currently on the rise for people of all ages. “Currently the highest rates are found among 5-14 year olds”. “It is not uncommon today to see two to three times more cases in young children than in the general population.”, Underlined by Hans Glck, director of the WHO in Europe.

For compulsory vaccination to be determined or planned by certain countries, it must be a source. “Absolute last resort, only if all possible options for increasing the vaccine rate are exhausted”, WHO estimates. The organization has once again expressed its concern over the new Omigron variant, but has called for a fight against the delta for the current dominant variant. “A win tomorrow against Omigran”.