November 27, 2022


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The warriors reveal a yellow diamond championship ring, a secret compartment and etched into the Celtics

The warriors reveal a yellow diamond championship ring, a secret compartment and etched into the Celtics

The Golden State Warriors In fact, you have very large rings.

NBA Champions 2021-22 Unveiling the tournament episodes and their distribution Before the season opener against Los Angeles LakersAnd the jewelry was already flashy enough for a four-ring team in eight years. The episodes were designed by Jason of Beverly Hills.

First, Ring Math™ required. As the warriors put, their new ring has 16 carats of yellow and white diamonds set in yellow gold, marking 16 playoff wins last season. It has seven carats of cushion-cut yellow diamonds on its bezel to represent the team’s seven championships. It has 43 packets on the Golden Gate Bridge logo to represent it Stephen Curry Drop 43 points in Game 4 of the NBA Finals.

The Warriors said it’s the first NBA Championship ring to feature a yellow diamond, in case you’re into truly Hard Basketball League Trivia.

The ring’s new feature is a secret compartment that opens to display a set of prizes that reflect the number of personal tournaments each player has. So, four for Stephen Curry, Draymond GreenAnd the Klay Thompson And the Andre Iguodalathree for kevon looney And one for everyone else.

You can see it up close and in action here:

And Carrie gave him a role here:

Other features of the ring include the Chase Center’s architectural features on the side, match scores for each series in the playoff round, seven Larry O’Brien trophies, the “Just Us” team crest and the Oracle Arena pattern on the underside of the ring.

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And since no episode – especially the Warriors episode – is complete without some junk talk, CelticsParquet floor, on which the team won the ring in the first place.

Now we’ll wait and see if the Warriors will design another one in the near future, though “could it fit into the secret compartment?” five prizes? “Probably not a question that most NBA fans want answered.

The Warriors found a way to dig into the Celtics with their NBA Championship rings. (AP Photo/Godofredo A. Vásquez)