June 8, 2023


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The UK is abandoning almost all health restrictions

“We need to change the legal responsibilities with advice and recommendations,” Boris Johnson told lawmakers last week.

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Turns a page. On Thursday, January 27, the UK lifted all final restrictions on the fight against Govt-19, which the government hopes will get people used to living with the flu. “As the Govt spreads, legal obligations should be replaced with advice and recommendations”, Boris Johnson urged MPs last week.

This free air is just in time for Prime Minister Boris Johnson, whose government leadership has been weakened by the holiday scandal on Downing Street in defiance of anti-Corona anti-virus rules.

The UK is now dropping some of the easiest other restrictions in Europe, with the introduction last December, following the end of the recommendation a week ago that those who can should work from home. Places for events with high attendance and vaccination passport.

Opposing the removal of the obligation to wear a mask on public transport, London Mayor Sadiq Khan announced the maintenance of the operation in the capital.

The United Kingdom, more reluctant than other United Kingdom (Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland) to repeal the restrictions, first abolished them altogether on 19 July. “Independence Day”. But the appearance of the fall of the Omicron variant, more contagious than the Delta, led Boris Johnson’s government to launch its “Plan B” despite opposition from a majority of its members.