June 25, 2022


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The three zodiac signs with the rough horoscope on Thursday, June 2, 2022


It’s a rough day because we’re still in Mercury retrograde, and although tomorrow begins its direct path again, we can still feel its last devastating minutes.

It’s as if Merc the Jerk wants to get one last punch before things get back to normal. and with You see the moon Uranus To guide the way, it looks like today will be about assuming something is wrong and wanting to beat the system to correct it.

So, what we are looking at today are missteps that were made due to unverified false beliefs. Today is the day you scream “Check the facts, please!” Don’t take everything at face value today, and certainly don’t assume that something is this way or that until you have finished working to bring it up.

This is the day when people accuse other people of things they never did. It is also the day when we create situations to which we cannot go back; This means it is time to step back and think before we act. It may also mean that it is too late for that.

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On this last day of Mercury retrogradeWith Moon trine Uranus in the sky, some zodiac signs will work themselves out in situations they totally regret. It is absolutely necessary to think before we act today, and more important for us to remain silent if we have any doubt about something.