March 31, 2023


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The suspect’s past was expelled

Questions abound about the man who killed British MP David Ames on Friday. Late Saturday, Oct. 16, police said the suspect, a 25-year-old man, could be taken into custody under the Terrorism Act and allowed to be detained until next Friday.

According to the first elements the investigation reveals “A Possible Motivation Related to Islamic Extremism”, According to police, they said they were conducting a search as part of three addresses in the London area. “Quick Study”.

The suspect was called to remove the militant

For the UK project many years ago for people at risk of voluntary charity-based radicalization, according to the BBC, it would not have been so diligent and never officially “The Meaning of Curiosity” To the National Security Agency.

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Police and security believe the attacker acted alone and that he was “Self-intensified”, Step Sunday Times. This may have been inspired by al-Shabab, the Islamists affiliated with al-Qaeda in Somalia.

John Lamb, a local Conservative consultant, told the British media that the young man had been patiently waiting for his turn, and that the MP Leaping over, he was stabbed again and again in front of two MP’s aides.

“He stabbed Sir David and simply waited in the church hall until the police arrived.”, Said Telegraph Kevin Buck, Vice President of the Riding Association. According to him, he made an appointment a week ago Daily Mail.

An organized awareness

On Saturday, October 16, 2021, an awareness event was organized in Lee-on-See, UK.

On Saturday evening, hundreds of people carried candles to the playground near the crime scene, paying tribute to a minute of silence in memory of the MP.

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As a sign of solidarity, Conservative Prime Minister Boris Johnson and opposition Labor leader Keer Stormer laid wreaths at the site of the tragedy on Saturday morning. Boris Johnson sent a congratulatory message “Best Member of Parliament and Most Dear Colleague and Friend”.

Many people, including members of the Muslim community, came to lay bouquets and pay tribute to the victim.

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The assassination revives the recent shock of the assassination of Labor MP Joe Cox in June 2016 and calls into question the security arrangements surrounding the MPs, especially with the public in their constituencies.

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