March 26, 2023


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The Russian ship Vasily Pykov, which was declared destroyed by Ukraine, has reappeared in the Black Sea

Under Russian flags, the ship was spotted in Sevastopol, Crimea, and the Ukrainian navy announced that it had sunk.

In the end, the Ukrainian sailors would not drown it, or perhaps even touch it. On March 7, the Ukrainian military announced that it had destroyed a Russian patrol boat overnight. Vasily Bykov From Odessa in the Black Sea.

The event was reported by local media. The Ukrainian navy is said to have pulled the ship into a trap, where artillery attacks from the ground would have been better. An event in battle from the sinking of a ship to land, a special non-anti-ship weapon, in this case multiple rocket launchers, would have represented a more complex and real record.


Moreover, the Russian ship in question is part of the most modern class of Russian maritime patrol vessel. Directed in 2018, Vasily Bykov is stealthy and 94 meters long, a respectable size that has made its destruction even more significant. Finally, the patrol boat was part of the regiment that attacked Snake Island, a chapter glorified by Ukraine, where the Coast Guard refused to surrender.

If in fact, They did not achieve heroic deathAs the Ukrainian army originally claimed, the Russian ship Vasily Bykov Not even sinking. Recognized by journalist and maritime expert Chris Kawas, the images show the ship entering its home port of Sevastopol. This is a reminder of how affirmative denial can be Information war Anger between the two camps.

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