June 8, 2023


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The ruling coalition in Argentina has lost its seat in parliament

The area assembly elections on Sunday, November 14, largely confirmed the course announced since September 12: the party of Peronist President Alberto Fernandez’s Friende de Todos (“Front for All”), ahead of the center-right. Opposition in most provinces, according to estimates, is 98% of the vote.

Although its center-left coalition initially sought to retain a majority in the lower house of parliament – where it was a minority -, the election marked a setback in both legislatures and, above all, a loss of control. Of the Senate. Voters were called to renew 127 of the 257 delegates and 24 of the 72 senators.

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“At this new stage, we must prioritize national agreements,” he said. President Alberto Fernandez made the call, in a speech aired Sunday evening “Creative Conversation” And a relationship “Fruitful” Between executive power and parliamentary power.

“Millions of Argentines across the country call it ‘pasta’,” he said. For her part, Maria welcomed Eugenia Vidal, a member of the opposition Jundos Bor El Gambio (“Together for Change”), the elected deputy, who was at the forefront in Buenos Aires.

Election permission

The first half of the decree marked by the Govt-19 epidemic and the long imprisonment and dying economy in the capital and its region by 2020 illustrate this electoral sanction two years before the October 2023 presidential election.

In October, inflation was 41.8%, well above the government-set annual target of 29%. According to the latest data from the Argentine Statistics Institute, 40.6% of the population suffers from poverty. According to the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean, with the expected 7.5% growth this year, the economic recovery is likely to continue even after a near 10% drop in GDP by 2020.

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“This is a bad election for the ruling coalition, and since the return to democracy in 1983, the Peronists have lost an unprecedented majority in the Senate. Analyst Federico Zapata, political scientist and director of the Escenarios consulting firm.

Following the primary election defeat – a kind of costume rehearsal – cracks emerged across the ruling coalition, Creating a political crisis and a partial cabinet reshuffle, Vice President and former State President (2007-2015), requested by Christina Fernandez de Kirchner.

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