March 26, 2023


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The proud family is louder and prouder – Where’s Sticky (Orlando Brown)?

Proud Family Sticky

proud family It’s back 17 years later, and while most of the familiar faces of the cartoon are back for the Disney+ revival, one of the characters is until far away absent.

During the first few minutes of The proud family: louder and proudNow available to stream, Penny and her friends discover that Dijonay’s main squeeze is Sticky (voiced by Orlando Brown) ghost basically everyone.

“I will really miss you guys,” Sticky says in a letter to Penny. “My dad got a job in Japan. He said I don’t have to go. I can stay with my cousins ​​if I want, but I’m sick of this crazy dejo…”

Fortunately, Penny stopped reading before she finished Dejonay’s name—and her boyfriend is so blinded by love that he doesn’t realize the truth. We left this pic of Sticky with his car accelerating as fast as he could:

“We’ve always wanted to expand the world,” co-founder Bruce W. Smith told TVLine about his decision to send out sticker packs. “In doing that, sometimes you have to reconsider where the characters are going and how we can introduce new ones. For us, expanding the world sometimes means that you lose characters, but you also gain more characters that help advance the show in a direction that we feel is essential for this release. The new. This is where a lot of our decisions lie.”

In this case, upon vacating his home, Sticky leaves room for a new family to move in – one with parents (Zachary Quinto and Billy Porter), a daughter (Keke Palmer) and a son (“Boogie”).

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But fear not, sticky nation. We probably haven’t seen the last of Brown’s characters yet.

“We never say never on our show,” Smith says of a potential comeback down the line. “That’s our thing. This show is all about bringing in new characters and expanding the world, but also introducing surprises at the same time.”

Of course, Brown’s absence from the project should come as no surprise to anyone who has been following the actor lately. His last onscreen appearance was in the series finale of 2007 This is very crowHe has not yet been invited to participate in the sequel series crow houseIt is now entering its fifth season. Although he appears to be focusing on his rap career, Brown has made headlines in recent years for his eccentric behavior, including Make bold statements About his famous friends and ex-colleagues.

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