May 26, 2022


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The Pentagon now counts a “protracted” conflict; Vladimir Putin says he will demand tariffs on Russian gas in rubles from Friday

With the war, there is a risk that the grain harvest in Ukraine will be halved

Destroyed or bombed fields, workers went to fight, logistics ruined: Russian invasion warns Ukrainian Minister of Agriculture in an interview with AFP that there is a risk of halving the grain harvest in Ukraine, which is important for world food.

If Ukraine had harvested 106 million tons of grain last year, this would be an absolute record, this year this figure “25% to 50%” At the very least, Minister Mykola Cholsky predicts in this written interview. “Again, this is a promising prognosis.”

Part of the region, especially in the fertile south (Kerson, Zaporozhye, Odessa, etc.) is plagued by hostility and inaccessible. Ukrainians “I sow where I can” But only “50% to 75% of Territories” Can be exploited, mr. Solsky underlines.

Another problem: is for many farmers “Enlisted in the Army or Territorial Defense” Creating a labor shortage, Mr. Cholsky notes that his ministry is trying to set one up “Temporary Exemption System” Allowing workers not to mobilize.

Despite the war, the Ukrainians have already begun to sow wheat, barley, rapeseed, oats, sunflower and soybeans, but the changing situation on the ground is forcing farms and authorities to improve. “It is not known what crops will be planted. (…) Each farmer or farm will make its own decision based on the availability of seeds, fertilizers, pesticides and fuelThe Minister explains.

Ukraine has sufficient reserves to feed its own people, which was about 40 million people before the war.

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But important exports to the country’s income and global food will be affected. Ukraine exported 4.5 million tons of agricultural produce per month before the war Via Its ports, but “There is their siege In practice Stopped our exports “, Minister condemned. Government “Work to Increase Capacity” Exports, especially with the help of railways, are guaranteed to the responsible person. Corn “For obvious reasons, we are not going to do this in public.”he said.