January 29, 2023


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The new president appoints his government

Peru’s new president, Tina Polwarte, announced her government on Saturday, December 10, sparking discontent in the streets, where supporters of former president Pedro Castillo are calling for his release and new elections.

The new government has 19 ministers including 8 women. A former lawyer specializing in the fight against corruption has been appointed as the Prime Minister.

Several protests and roadblocks have been held since Thursday in several cities across the country, including Lima and Andean regions, where Pedro Castillo, a former rural schoolteacher, is gaining a lot of support.

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Students, workers and left-wing political parties have called for a demonstration in Lima from 9pm on Saturday following the end of the quarter-finals of the FIFA World Cup in Qatar.

Mme Bolavart, the vice president until taking office on Wednesday after Pedro Castillo was ousted by parliament, has not ruled out early elections.


“If the community and situation warrants it, we will propose elections within the framework of discussions with the democratic forces of Congress.”said M.me Polwarte wants to find a peaceful solution to the political crisis and the anger simmering in the streets.

Hundreds of people took to the streets of the Peruvian capital on Friday to demand the release of Pedro Castillo. to the cry of “Pushtist”Protesters burned banners emblazoned with Tina Polwarte’s image.

On Thursday, police fired tear gas to disperse protesters who were already marching towards parliament with placards. “Freedom for Castillo”, “Boluarte does not represent me” Where “Dissolution of Parliament”.


A maneuver was described as such after his failed attempt on Wednesday to dissolve parliament and impose a state of emergency. “riot”Pedro Castillo was remanded in pre-trial detention for seven days Thursday on a complaint filed by the prosecution that charged him with “rebellion” and “conspiracy.”

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His former commander-in-chief Guido Bellito and Me One of his lawyers, Guillermo Oliveira, recommended Pedro Castillo on Friday “probably triggered” Parliament should be dissolved under the influence of psychoactive drugs.

As Parliament was about to debate the third impeachment proceedings against President Castillo, “for moral incapacity”Since he came to power in July 2021, still head of the country, he donned a presidential sari and solemnly announced on television that he would dissolve parliament and institute a state of emergency in the country.

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“He doesn’t remember” In his TV commercial, Mr. Bellito called for a production “Emergency Toxicology Test” On the former teacher.

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