June 8, 2023


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The Moroccan plane made an emergency landing in Spain, with 20 passengers on board

Spanish authorities consider stunt passengers’ fake inconvenience to force flight to land in Europe to reach Turkey

Palma de Mallorca Airport, one of Spain’s busiest airports in the Balearic archipelago, was forced to close for nearly four hours after several passengers boarded an emergency landing flight on Friday.

The plane, which was on a flight between Morocco and Turkey, was diverted to Palma de Mallorca, where it made an emergency landing due to the inconvenience of a passenger, the Civil Guard said.

But when the alleged passenger was evacuated, about 20 passengers took the opportunity to flee from the plane to Tormack. The Civil Guard said two people were arrested.

According to the daily El Bice, Investigators are working on the hypothesis of candidates’ stunts for immigration, with the intention of entering Spain illegally.

The hospital declared the “patient” in perfect health

The passenger who complained of discomfort was taken to the hospital where he was declared by doctors to be in perfect health. The Spanish newspaper reported that the man had been arrested by police “for aiding and abetting illegal immigration and violating the law on foreigners.”

One of the passengers who went to the hospital with him went missing in the woods, citing El Pice, who reported five arrests in addition to the simulator. But many of the passengers who escaped at the airport were not found.

According to Application FlightRadar24, The confused aircraft was Air Arabia Morocco’s Airbus A320, which was on a flight between Casablanca, Morocco and Istanbul, Turkey.

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As a result of the incident, 13 flights to Palma were diverted to other airports, and 16 departures were significantly delayed, airport officials said. Palma de Mallorca Airport reopened at midnight on Friday after being closed for about four hours.