October 2, 2022


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The Israeli military has acknowledged the strong possibility of killing the journalist

The Israeli military said in early July that Israeli and non-American experts would examine the bullet that killed the journalist.

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For the first time, the Israeli military agreed on Monday, September 5. “A strong possibility” The final results of his investigation included the killing of Al Jazeera, a journalist of the pan-Arab channel Shireen Abu Akle, but not intentionally. Even the military Mistaking his identity, he realized that one of his soldiers had actually fired in the journalist’s direction: “There is a strong possibility that Abu Aqle was accidentally hit by Israeli army fire targeting suspects identified as Palestinian gunmen (Shireen)”.

The army said it is studying “Chronologically” A sequence of events was conducted by analyzing the locations, videos and sounds recorded on site “Visual Simulation” And that “Israeli Experts” On July 2, a ballistic analysis of the bulletin was conducted in the presence of representatives of the “United States Security Coordination Committee for Israel and the Palestinian Authority.”

due to “Bad Position of the Ball”Its origin is identity “difficult”The army underlined in its statement that it was not sure “unclear” The origin of the fatal shooting of the journalist. The Al Jazeera star, an American-Palestinian journalist, was shot and killed on May 11 while covering an Israeli military operation in the Palestinian camp of Jenin, a stronghold of the Palestinian armed forces in the north of the occupied West Bank. to arrest “Suspects”This led to armed conflicts.

After Shireen Abu Aghle’s death, the Palestinian Authority and her employer Al Jazeera immediately accused the Israeli army of killing her, wearing a bulletproof vest and helmet, referred to as a “journalist”. Israel continues to deny the accusation, despite press inquiries and a UN report concluding that the Israeli shooting was intentional.

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