March 21, 2023


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The Iranian official was severely beaten during the inauguration

Abedin was “tough” on the Corram regime, but this room made him restless.

International – has sound and film. On October 23, Abedin Gorram, a former defender of the Islamic Revolution, delivered his inaugural address as governor of northern Azerbaijan. IranBut, it did not happen as planned. A man can really give him a whip on stage, You can see it in the video above this article.

According to Iran’s Force News Agency, the attacker, now unnamed, is said to be a soldier. The reason for his anger? How his wife was treated by public services: She would have received His vaccine against goiter From the hands of a man, some Islamic practices are a mixture of denial.

The violence lasted only a few seconds, after which the ceremony resumed in the presence of Iranian Interior Minister Ahmed Wahidi. He is also a former defender of the Revolution, who took office in the summer of 2021 A hardening of the recommendations Authorities in Tehran.

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