May 19, 2022


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The humanitarian kitchen of Chef Jose Andres was destroyed by a Russian missile

The humanitarian kitchen of Chef Jose Andres was destroyed by a Russian missile

(CNN) – A Russian missile has destroyed a Ukraine-based humanitarian kitchen linked to celebrity chef Jose Andres in the northeastern city of Kharkiv, according to the charity that runs it.

A restaurant partner World Central Kitchen (WCK) took a beating on Saturday, according to nonprofit kitchen CEO Nate Mook, who confirmed that Twitter news. He said four employees were wounded in the blast.

Mock wrote along with a video of him standing amid burning cars and badly damaged buildings.

“That’s the truth here – cooking is a brave, heroic act.”

Shipping workers are at the scene after a Russian missile hit a restaurant in partnership with World Central Kitchen in the northeastern Ukrainian city of Kharkiv on Saturday, April 16.

Felipe Dana/AFP

The northeastern city of Kharkiv, Ukraine’s second largest, has been regularly heavily bombed since Russia began its invasion more than six weeks ago.

On Sunday, Mok shared an update from Kharkiv, noting that the infected staff were “fine” and that the restaurant team was in the process of moving “all food products and undamaged equipment” to another location in the city.

“The work does not stop,” he added.

Andrés also took to Twitter to address the strike, as well as provide an update on the well-being of employees at the restaurant.

The WCK Foundation, founded by Andres in 2010 and an organization focused on providing meals in disaster and war zones, has been supplying Ukrainians with food since the beginning of the conflict, with units in about 30 cities across the country, according to its official website.

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On April 15, Andris shared an infographic detailing the scale of the organization’s operations in Ukraine, including setting up more than 300 restaurants and serving more than 300,000 meals per day.

“We believe that a plate of food is sometimes the beginning of a better tomorrow,” Andres says in a video. Posted on Sunday.

Top photo: Jose Andres. Credit: Chip Somodevila/Getty Images