March 21, 2023


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The German newspaper “Built” fires the editor-in-chief

German newspaper Mughal Axel Springer announces separation from tabloid editor Julian Richeld Picture, Widely read daily throughout the Rhine. “As part of a recent press investigation, new evidence of Julian Risselt’s misconduct was brought to the company’s attention.”, Writes in the group ConnectedMonday, October 18.

The 41-year-old journalist was subjected to an internal investigation in the spring. In particular he was suspected of dismissing women with whom he had an affair. He was re-appointed to his post at the end of March, this time along with a journalist. He had “The combination of professional and personal relationships was acknowledged, but denied [tout harcèlement] Under the truth “, Then informed the committee.

But on Monday, Axel Springer’s management said they had them “I learned that Julian Result had not yet clearly separated personal and professional matters and that he had said the wrong things about it before the board of directors.”. A controversial figure in the world of journalism has not described the exact facts of the allegations against its editor-in-chief.

This is a survey New York Times Released Sunday This hastened the decision of the Springer team. According to the latter, Mr. Result was promoted to the position of a young journalist in charge. “If they found out I was in contact with a coach, I would lose my job.”Mr. Result told her in November 2016 that according to the comments she reported to the Internal Inquiry Commission and was quoted New York Times.

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Replaced by Editor-in-Chief of “Weld in Zondak”

In another survey released Monday evening, Magazine Spiegel The allegations of abuse of power already made against the journalist a few months ago are renewed.

Based on interviews with “Half a dozen women” And their entourage and hundreds of text messages and emails were consulted, says the magazine Julian Richeld “He often approached the young women of his teaching staff in the same way: he congratulated them on their work, handed over responsible tasks or put them in positions that did not suit them.”.

Some research reported by Spiegel The investigation was to be published jointly by journalists, but their editor, Dirk Ippen, a German newspaper editor, avoided the publication. Causing anger on Monday from the authors of the article. “We must be very careful not to create the impression that we are harming a competitor financially.”Justified the editor and made sure there was no pressure.

Until the editor-in-chief of the Conservative weekly magazine, Mr. World on Sunday (Sunday edition of the Daily The world)

About 2 million copies have been printed, Image, Created in 1952, it became the first German newspaper to focus on news items, sports and popular news. Axel Springer announced the capture of the American news site in August Politics, The biggest acquisition in its history as part of its digital development strategy.

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