June 9, 2023


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The female dog takes the police to her injured master

The achievement of a female dog was hailed as a story on Tuesday, January 4 in the United States Lassi, faithful dog: He took the police to the scene of the car accident, where his master was injured and suffering from hypothermia. An elderly German woman Shepherd Dinsley crashed on the highway on the New Hampshire-Vermont border (northeastern United States) on Monday evening, prompting motorists to call for law enforcement. When police found the animal and tried to catch it, Dinsley continued his run and took them to Vermont, where the accident barrier was broken by a badly damaged pickup.

The dog’s owner and another person were thrown from the vehicle and suffered from hypothermia. “It soon became clear that Tinsley (police) had taken him to the scene of the accident and to the injured.”New Hampshire police said on Facebook. “They could have guessed that the female dog was trying to show them something because it was avoiding them, but not fully running.”, Police officer Daniel Baldasre told the local channel WCVB.

“It simply came to our notice then “Follow me, follow me”. Also, to their surprise, when they looked down at the damaged barrier and looked down in the direction the dog was looking, they could not believe it.. “For those who remember it, I compare it to a story “Lassi” In real life, where people are in distress, the dog will seek help and bring them to where the person is., Added by Daniel Baldassar.

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As emergency services provide first aid to the injured, the dog “She was sitting quietly and lovingly next to her owner”, Hartford Fire Captain Jack Hedges said. The owner of the animal, Cam Laundry, did not present a serious injury and Dinsley promised that he would receive the game as a reward for his ingenuity and dedication. “She’s my little guardian angel”, He greeted at WCVB. “It’s a miracle she had this kind of intelligence to do what she did.”.