March 21, 2023


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The eruption of the Chemaru volcano plunged the residents into darkness

“Many areas have been plunged into darkness since the volcano erupted,” said the National Agency for Natural Disasters.

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The Chemro volcano in East Java, Indonesia, erupted on Saturday, December 4, covering its surroundings with dense smoke and ash, forcing thousands to flee their homes. Residents had to evacuate residents as the lava that destroyed even a bridge in the Lumajang area reached their villages.

“Many areas covered by volcanic ash are plunged into darkness”, Explained the National Institute of Natural Disasters. Video released by the agency shows residents, including children, running for shelter at the time of the eruption.

An hour later, as shown in this video released by the same user, the area was plunged into darkness.

The last major eruption of Semaru will start from December 2020. It flew thousands of people and covered entire villages. Indonesia sits in the Pacific “fire ring” where the intersection of continental plates causes high seismic activity. This Southeast Asian archipelago has approximately 130 active volcanoes in its territory.

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