June 9, 2023


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The D&D maker is backing away from attempts to update the long-standing “open” license

The D&D maker is backing away from attempts to update the long-standing "open" license
D&D Hinders WotC’s attempts to change the game’s license.”/>
Zoom in / Visualize the artist D&D Fans stop WotC’s attempts to change the game’s license.

Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) owner Wizards of the Coast (WotC) has halted its attempts to update the Open Gaming License (OGL), which has mandated legal use of game rules for decades. This step comes next weeks from controversy And late attempts to Partial downsizing Leaked plans to update OGL.

the The original OGL 1.0awhich was first released in the early 2000s, will now remain “the same” as WotC announced in a tweet Friday. What’s more, all of it D&D systems reference document (SRD) – which also includes creative content such as classes, spells, and monsters that are trademarked and copyrighted by WotC – are available now Under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 Internationalwhich means it’s free to use as long as proper credit is given.

WotC’s complete decline in this licensing battle comes as WotC survey notes about Latest updated draft license It was “of such a magnitude and with such a clear direction” that the company felt it had to act immediately, as executive producer Kyle Brink Written on the D&D Beyond blog.

This critical response includes the overwhelming majority of more than 15,000 survey respondents who said:

  • They did not want to publish RPG content under the proposed OGL 1.2 (88 percent)
  • The new license will force them to change part of their business (90 percent)
  • They did not want to revoke the original OGL license (89 percent) and/or
  • Were not happy with WotC policy formulated by virtual table content (86 percent)
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Furthermore, 62 percent of respondents said they wanted more content from the SRD to be included under a Creative Commons license (beyond the core rules covered until last week). Now, the entire SRD system is under a Creative Commons license, which Brink noted is “irrevocable in a way that doesn’t require you to take our word for it.” Choosing such a license, he added, is like going through a “one-way door”. “There is no turning back.”

Content creators will now be able to choose to use the original OGL or the new CC license as the basis for their files D&DBrink writes that relevant content from now on. And the fact that the SRD is under a new license means that there is no longer a need for a specific policy on virtual desktop content; “With this new approach, we’re putting that aside and relying on your choices to determine the future of play,” Brink wrote.

Thank you for your continued dedication and love Dungeons and Dragons“WotC chirp From the D&D Beyond account. “We’re sorry for the pain we’ve caused the community. We look forward to building what comes next with our players and creators.”