March 21, 2023


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The cyclist who pushed the girl is demanding compensation

The cyclist who chased a little girl in Belgium last December accused her father of sharing the video on social media and demanded compensation.

Images Toured on social websites. On December 25, 2020, while a family was walking on a snow-covered road in the Belgian city of Jalha, a cyclist chased the woman on her knees to clear the road. Then the granddaughter fell to the ground. Dad filmed the scene.

According to The Voice of the North, The cyclist initiated civil proceedings against the granddaughter’s father. He was accused of wanting to cause a stir by sharing the video.

“My client’s goal is not to make money. His lawyer explained to our co-workers that he wants to make people realize that there is nothing we can do on social networks. The consequences for my client from this story of not being able to go back on his two-wheeler are dramatic. ” Thus the Belgian cyclist has demanded compensation for his bicycle amount.

The girl’s father has lodged a complaint following the incident. The call for witnesses made it possible to locate the cyclist. In March 2021, he was ordered to pay an index euro.

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