May 19, 2022


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The conflict with the intensity of the Russian attack on Donbass enters a new phase

The UN will discuss a draft resolution aimed at justifying the use of the veto

At Liechtenstein’s initiative, 193 members of the United Nations General Assembly (UN) on Tuesday will discuss a draft resolution calling on five permanent members of the Security Council to justify the use of the veto.

According to diplomats, the text should be voted on soon. According to Agency France-Presse, the document was obtained, which provides for the assembly of the General Assembly. “Within ten working days following the opposition of one or more permanent members of the Security Council, a debate shall be held on the circumstances under which the veto was disclosed.”.

This old idea was revived with the Russian occupation of Ukraine. Moscow, thanks to its veto rights, disables any action contained in this document of the Security Council, although it must intervene in accordance with its mandate as a guarantee of world peace as defined by the United Nations Charter.

The Liechtenstein program is supported by fifty countries, including the United States, but is notable among the other four permanent members of the Security Council (Russia, China, France and the United Kingdom). There are ten non-permanent members of the Security Council who have no veto power.

Fifty or more co-sponsors include Ukraine and Japan and Germany, two states that want to be permanent members of a potentially expanded Security Council to better represent the world. The positions of other competitors for permanent place in India, Brazil or South Africa have not been released at this stage. An ambassador says France will vote in favor, even if it does not finance the speech. The choice of London, Beijing and Moscow, which criticized an initiative that was considered controversial, is unknown.

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“We are particularly concerned about the shameful tendency of Russia over the past two decades to abuse its veto power.”, US Ambassador to the UN Linda Thomas-Greenfield underlined in a press release. Liechtenstein accepted the resolution “This will be an important step towards the transparency and accountability (…) of all permanent members of the Security Council.”Said.

From the first veto used by the Soviet Union in 1946 – Russia used 143 times more than the United States (86 times), the United Kingdom (30 times), China and France (18 times each). France last proposed in 2013 to restrict the use of veto in 1989. “Massive Crimes”. Defended by Mexico and supported by hundreds of countries, the idea has yet to have any follow-up.