January 29, 2023


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The conflict with Russia shows that Europe is “not strong enough,” according to Finland’s prime minister

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1:24 p.m : During the hour-long telephone conversation between the two leaders, the German Chancellor also condemned, according to a German government press release. “Russian airstrikes against civilian infrastructure in Ukraine underscore Germany’s determination to help Ukraine bolster its defense capabilities against Russian aggression”.

1:37 p.m : Olaf Scholes asks Russian President Vladimir Putin to withdraw his forces from Ukraine. “Diplomatic Solution”, During their first interview since mid-September.

(Abdulhamid Hosfaz/AFP)

1:09 p.m : French surgeons engaged in the war in the country Training for Ukrainian caregivers want War medicine. A training center has been set up in Lviv. Report.

A woman learns first aid gestures and how to apply a tourniquet in Ohepalu, Estonia on April 2, 2022.  (Alexandre Marchi / MaxPPB)

(Alexandre Marchi / MaxPPB)

12:38 p.m : “It was pointed out that the Russian Armed Forces have long avoided high-precision missile strikes against certain targets in Ukraine, but such actions have become necessary and inevitable in the face of provocations from Kyiv.” The Kremlin summarizes what Vladimir Putin told Olaf Scholz during today’s first meeting since mid-September.

12:25 p.m : Russian President Vladimir Putin says Russia’s massive strikes against Ukraine’s energy infrastructure. “Necessary and Inevitable”, The Kremlin announced in a press release.

12:07 p.m : The Kremlin rejects the conditions outlined yesterday by US President Joe Biden, who said he is ready to discuss with Vladimir Putin if he backs down. His forces from the Ukraine to end the conflict. Biden said talks would only be possible after Putin leaves Ukraine.Moscow refuses “of course”, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov says. ““The military operation is continuing,” he said.

11:17 am : project Russian oil price ceiling Designed by the West to deprive Moscow of the means to finance its war in Ukraine, the tool still awaits a green light from Poland, which it considers very limited. A deal was almost sealed last night by diplomats from EU member states in Brussels, coordinating with their G7 allies, notably the Americans and British and Australians, on the file.

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10:34 am : New Ukrainian director of Zaporizhia nuclear power plant accused A “traitor” By Kiev. Ukrainian engineer Yuri Dernichuk was commissioned by Moscow. Highlighted by kyiv for accepting the post.

09:26 : “I have to be very honest with you (….), Europe is not strong enough at the moment and without America we would be in trouble.”

The Finnish prime minister, a candidate for NATO membership, believes so Invasion and occupation of Ukraine Neighboring Russia has exposed Europe’s weaknesses and strategic errors against Moscow.

07:46 : “For President Biden, it is necessary to avoid widening the conflict (…) We do not want war with Russia. Above all, we do not want World War III. On the other hand, for peace to prevail, it must be just and lasting.”

07:44 : “If we see Putin’s seriousness in diplomacy and dialogue, the problem is that Putin is doing the opposite”US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken announced on France 2. “We are in contact with Russia because there is a fear that they will use a nuclear weapon.”

06:44 : An adviser to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky says at least 13,000 Ukrainian soldiers have been killed since Russia invaded their country in February. On the other hand, Russian officials confirmed that 5,937 Russian soldiers have been killed since the war began in September. Conflict. Both adversaries are suspected of downplaying their human losses.