February 5, 2023


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The coffin was buried in the crypt under St. Peter’s Basilica

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12:24 p.m : Afternoon, here’s a new point in the day’s news:

Emmanuel Macron asks energy suppliers “Re-negotiation” In January “More Deals” of very small companies involved. Follow our life.

As liberal doctors protest in Paris this afternoon, the health minister is telling himself “Ready to increase Suggested price As soon as the demands of the French were fulfilled”. However, François Browne An amount was not specified.

EricDupond-Moretti has been presenting his action plan for justice since morning. What to remember? The budget will increase from 9.6 to 11 billion euros by 2027, the time limit for civil actions should be halved on average by the end of the five-year period, and the wearing of body cameras by prison guards will be generalized.

Benedict XVI’s funeral procession ends at the Vatican. His wooden coffin left St. Peter’s Square to the applause of the faithful. The Pope Emeritus is now to be buried in the tomb of his predecessor, John Paul II.

11:23 : The funeral rites of Benedict XVI are completed. His wooden coffin left St. Peter’s Square to the applause of the faithful. The Pope Emeritus is now to be buried in the tomb of his predecessor, John Paul II.

After his salvation, his remains were transferred inside the building, to the famous chapel Pytha By Michelangelo.

(Alberto Bisoli/AFP)

10:24 am : In his homily, Pope Francis pays homage to his predecessor. God’s faithful people gather together and support and entrust the life of their teacher. Like the women of the Gospel at the tomb, with the ointment of gratitude and hope for Him, we are here to prove again the love that is not lost.


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10:29 : The former pope’s simple wooden coffin was moved from inside the basilica shortly before 9 a.m. amid applause mixed with the ringing of bells. A copy of the Gospels rests on Pope Francis’ coffin as he sits before the altar where he presides over the ceremony.

09:24 : The funeral procession for Pope-Emeritus, Benedict XVI will begin soon at St. Peter’s Square in Vatican City. #BenedictXVI #Funeral @Pontifex https://t.co/mLjL8cwn1h

09:33 : A view of the congregation in St. Peter’s Square, moments before the start of the funeral procession for Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI. The Province of Rome predicts an influx of 100,000 people. Watch the live video here.

1:02 p.m : At 9, a new point in the day’s news:

Health Minister, François Browne, says to himself “Prepared to increase consultation price once French requirements are met” But did not specify an amount. The announcement was made as liberal doctors protested in Paris this afternoon.

Today at 10am Eric DuPont-Moretti presents his action plan for justice. The Keeper of the Seals will specifically undertake to increase the justice budget from 9.6 to 11 billion euros in 2027.

The funeral procession for Pope Benedict XVI begins at 9.30am in St. Peter’s Square. Representing Gerald Dorman’s France as Minister of Worship. You can follow the ceremony live.

There is Volodymyr Zelensky “Thanks” Emmanuel Macron to give birth Light Battle Tanks for Ukraine “Your leadership brings us closer to victory” He gloated on Twitter.

#Amazon Amazon will remove it “Over 18,000” Jobs, including Europe. This is the largest layoff in history American e-commerce giantThe layoffs will primarily affect the company’s physical stores, which include Amazon Fresh and Amazon Go, as well as some internal departments such as human resources.

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08:35 : As the basilica’s dome disappears in fog, faithful, cardinals, official guests slowly arrive at St Peter’s Square in #Vatican for the funeral of Pope Emeritus #BenoitXVI led by his successor Francis. At 8.50 am the coffin will be taken out before the mass. https://t.co/IAQgj4mu4C

08:34 : The The Vatican Make final preparations an hour before Benedict XVI’s funeral. With a surprise guest: the fog.

08:59 : Gerald Dormanin will attend, @Tom42. The Home Minister is also a venerable figure, and it is in this capacity that he makes a trip to the Vatican this morning.

At least six French bishops, including Pontois, Stanislaus Lalanne, who knew Benedict XVI well, are also expected: “He Had a great sense of humor” He believes Parisian (Article for Subscribers).

09:00 : Who will represent France at the funeral of Pope Benedict XVI?

07:18 : Several hundred people wait for #BenoitXVI to return to St. Peter’s Square at 9:30am. https://t.co/7LzQApprL1

07:17 : Benedict XVI’s funeral begins more than two hours later, but the first faithful have already arrived in St. Peter’s Square.

07:27 : At 6, here’s the first point of the day’s news:

After two days of talks with the Prime Minister, the unions are still not convinced Pension Reform Scheme. Philippe Martínez, general secretary of the CGT, condemned the attack “Religious Status” of Govt. “Listening to Ms. Bourne, there’s no more suspense, 64 years old, she won’t budge,” For his part, the chairman of the CFTC, Cyril Chapanier, assessed who “I will fight this reform”.

#Retirees Labor Minister Olivier Dussopt assessed in an interview Parisian want “Responded to Requests” Reformist unions, especially the CFDT and CFTC, based on hardship.

Today at 10am Eric DuPont-Moretti presents his action plan for justice. The measures come from the Estates General of Justice, which drew up a report “Advanced Decay” Company and A “material loss” Professionals.

France to supply AMX-10 RC light battle tanks to UkraineEmmanuel Macron announced to Volodymyr Zelensky.

Tens of thousands of people are expected to attend the funeral of Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI in St Peter’s Square this morning. ceremony, “Holy but Sober”It is scheduled to start at 9:30 am.