May 19, 2022


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The biggest Elden Ring patch to date killed its famous illusion walls

The biggest Elden Ring patch to date killed its famous illusion walls

A thief walks down the banquet hall toward an imaginary wall in the Elden Ring.

screenshot: Bandai Namco

In the wake of elden ringThe game’s latest patch, players are combing the lands between to see what might have been quietly added – or lost. Among the wrecks: YouTuber Zullie the Witch found it The gazillion-HP mock walls are no longer infamous for the game, a change the developer didn’t mention in the patch notes.

This week, developer FromSoftware rolled out the biggest patch yet for elden ringan open-world role-playing game about getting you to tell every player you know need to To play it though, let’s face it, they are probably already playing it. Patch 1.04 brings a bunch of changes, to control some powerful builds, enhance and recalibrate some weaker elements, and fix some buggy or completely broken tasks. You can read the full list here. (Fair warning: It’s archetypal long.) Also, if a wall doesn’t collapse in one fell swoop now, you don’t have to worry about it being a near-invincible fake wall, said Zullie, a well-known hacker from FromSoft, at Brief video on YouTube.

to elden ringAnd Deceitful walls are the stuff of legend. Of course, fake walls—which look like regular walls but disappear after you give them a good slap, usually revealing a room with loot—are an integral part of elden ring and ethereal souls Serial predecessors. But that all changed when, late last month, one player spotted a wall in the Volcano Manor area that required a whopping 50 hits to get down. This aroused widespread suspicion among elden ring community, causing players to instinctively distrust every wall they come across.

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Zullie quickly Discover Why the wall could take so much damage: Behind the scenes, he had 9,999 horses. At the time, players wondered if this was a bug, or if it was an intentional insertion on FromSoft’s part. (The studio is notorious for having sex with its fans.) It’s unclear why these changes were not noted in the patch notes. Bandai Namco representatives, elden ringThe publisher did not respond to a request for comment in time for publication.

Meanwhile, if you really have to look at the wall and go, “Well…wait a second, is that actually a door?” Let me suggest a different fantasy game with powerful bosses, sprawling dungeons, and tons of loot: Wonders of Tiny Tina.

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